June 25, 2010

Hot Air Balloons

About a year ago, a good friend of mine and I went to this two day, hot air balloon race out in Longview, TX. In the early wee morning hours on the first day, the balloons flew over the city of Longview. I remember waking up around 2 or 3AM that morning to get there on time, then Hayley and I couldn't see the balloons for a while, so we went mad driving around the city looking up to the sky trying to spot them. When we finally did see the first balloon pop up over the horizon, we thought we were just seeing things. Eventually, more and more started appearing, so we knew we hadn't gone completely mad. :)

Day 1:

Following that evening, they do what is called a "balloon glow", where all of the balloons group together and light up the balloons on the ground. It's pretty crazy seeing the huge balloons in the air, but when they're standing right next to you, it's a whole different world of massive.

Notice below: the little women to the left pulling the balloon.

Early the next morning, they had a race where they all started in different locations around the city, then they all had to come to the same location and try dropping these tags into a target on the ground. (Closest one to the target wins.) This event was probably my favorite since it had the best view of the balloons in the air.

Anyway, it was an awesome experience, and if you ever have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it. It's TONS of fun, and nothing compares to seeing how massive the balloons are in person.

If you like these, there's more! I didn't want to overload my blog with pictures, so this is only about half the pictures I have online. The other half are located on my facebook page here: Alisha Hurt Photography.

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