September 7, 2010

Jake and Jennifer Ashley

Some good friends of mine, Jake and Jenny, have decided to get anniversary pictures taken every year around their wedding date. Jenny is one of those people everyone needs a little bit of in their life. She's very energetic, positive, and fun. I think I could count on my little hands the number of times I've seen the girl without a smile on her face. She's fantastic and I'm very thankful to have her in my life. This year, she managed to integrate balloons, a picnic, a dog in a bow tie, a tutu, feathers, and paint all in the same session. All of these ideas were hers, I just got the honored privilege of recording them. Enjoy. :)

Side Note: I'll probably be doing another most personal post this week to update everyone on my business. I'm very excited about the direction it's heading. Stay tuned for more!


Rachel said...

Wow! Those looked really fun!!!

Tifany said...

The pictures are awesome! You are very talented!

I can't wait to hear what the "new direction" is...
does it include changing your website to say something other than "DFW and beyond"?