September 30, 2010

Website Update

I've been working non stop for the past few days on a new site (which has also put me behind on my hot air balloon post). My back hurts, my eyes hurt, and my brain hurts, but I'm very excited about it. It's clean, simple, and really easy to navigate. Also, as a bonus, it will come with private online proofing galleries and a shopping cart. I'll be transferring a lot of old stuff, there will be some new stuff with new "life" to it, and some stuff no one has ever seen before. If everything goes according to plan, it will be up and running soon!

Also, I was just cleaning off my card and found this. I recently installed these lamp shades above our bed. I got the idea from a little store around here, but took it a little further and added a bunch of crystals to them. Every morning when the sun breaks through the windows, little rainbows are reflected all over the room. I'm far from a morning person, so these little gems give me a good jump start to my day. :)

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