November 15, 2010

Personal - A Busy Bee and Yellow Room

The busy season is getting the best of me right now, and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It seems like I've spent more time behind the camera than in front of my computer here lately and my to-do list is now currently taking me all the way through December. Normally I would be completely stressed out by this point, but I'm just looking at the positive side of it all: I have a job that I love and will keep me busy, I get to hang out with happy families, and adorable little children when I work, AND I get to share all of it with you. :) Anyway, I said all of that to just say that I'm still here and I have lots of beautiful faces to share with you all in the coming weeks.

On another note, Shaun and I finally had a day off together, so we decided to start tackling one of the guest bedrooms. I haven't done a whole lot of decorating to the house yet since I've moved in, but hopefully I'll be able to set aside some time to do a little nesting here and there in the coming months. Anyway, We painted this room yellow... I'm sorry... I mean YELLOW. It's so bright that it pours over and makes the hallway glow with the door open too. Just standing in it makes me happy. :)

As you can tell by the corner, we're not done with it yet. We've put two coats on and it still needs a third. A cousin of mine recommended just putting the 1st coat on thick, and I did... but it still needed more, so we did a 2nd coat and it STILL needed more. (I'm thinking I should have just started with primer in it.) I took this picture about 2 hours ago, so as of this morning, here's what it looks like: (Side Note: We had already put the bed together in the room before we started painting and we weren't fixing to disassemble it again, so we just moved it around while painting. I obviously thoroughly thought this process through from start to finish.)

As you can kind of see from the bed, it's going to be a quirky/Alice in Wonderland/fairy tale themed room. I already have tons of fun stuff to put in it, and I'll hopefully be sharing some of it with you as it comes together. Happy Monday!

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Alyssa said...

Whoa! That is indeed quite yellow! I like it :) Can't wait to see the finished pics!