December 10, 2010


For months now, I've been dying to have a puppy. Who wouldn't want an adorable little furry thing following them around all of the time... right? So, Shaun and I looked and looked for one online, but had agreed we would wait until we returned from Thanksgiving to get one. So about a week ago from today, we found this adorable little girl, fell in love, and went and picked her up. So without further adieu, meet Harper - a Lab/Border Collie (Borador) mix:Now that you've seen how cute she is, don't let that face deceive you. For the past week now, she's completely taken over our lives. I haven't had a puppy since I was a kid, (and who am I kidding... even then, I wasn't the one who was actually taking care of the dog). This dog wants to chew on EVERYTHING. She bites and eats everything she shouldn't, and then not to mention the potty training... Oh dear. I've said "NO" more times in the past week than I have in all of my days combined on this earth. I'm now convinced God made puppies cute for a reason. ::pauses to stop her from eating the bath mat::

However, (now that I've made her sound like a little devil)... overall, minus her bad habits, she's actually been pretty fun. She comes from two intelligent breeds, so she's been catching on fairly quickly. She's learned how to play fetch already... with bribery of course, and I can tell she overall wants to please us so I think with a little more training, she'll be just fine. Until then though... wish us luck. : /


Anonymous said...

She is too cute. Those are two smart breeds, it should be brilliant when it grows up. Good luck!
-Ash Cox

Amy Butler said...

Dogs are so much fun! And definitely a tiny dry run for kids!