February 24, 2011

Willy Wonka Office

Have you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Not the Johnny Depp version, the original. Of course you have. Anyway, do you remember Mr. Wonka's office at the end of the movie where everything is cut in half? That's what I'm going to do to our house. Slice it up. Ok, no I'm not. But I did get Shaun to cut this old chair and desk (which is unfinished) in half for the yellow room. Will it actually be used as a desk? No, of course not. But will it look good sitting in the corner? Yes. Yes it will.

"We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams." -Willy Wonka


Kristin said...

I thought that would be a great way to use a spare room. Mr. Wonka used it as a functional desk, I'm sure you could as well.
But, what a great husband you have to help produce the artistic ideas you have in that mind of yours. You two are a great example of a couple who works together.
What a fun idea!

Tifany said...