April 7, 2011


For the past hour or so I've been working on tax stuff, so it's really refreshing to stop and look at this sweet little face for a few minutes. Jessica is a niece to a really good friend of mine, so while I was in Texas we did a little mini-session with her. She is the sweetest little thing ever, and she was a breeze to work with.

Below you'll also see mommy and her releasing a little blue balloon together. Kim had unfortunately lost her baby boy pretty far along in her pregnancy a few years ago, so in memory of him, she wanted to do a little something special. I always love it when people come to the table with their own ideas. It makes the photos that much more precious. These were such wonderful girls to work with! Here are a few of my favorites:

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Gamma Leila said...

What a glorious set of pics!!! You captured every wonderful angle of this beautiful little angel!!!