June 23, 2011

Fail | Win

Fail: I'm sick. Not really sure if it's just really bad allergies or a sinus infection, but I haven't been able to breathe out my nose since I woke up. I spent the majority of the day making homemade whole wheat garlic knots, and then eating them while watching America's Next Top Model online. (Don't judge me.)
Win: Because I'm ill, my adorable husband brought me home every flavor of Yoplait the store had to offer. I like him a lot.

Fail: I've been waiting a whole year for my Easter Lily to bloom. When it finally did, it died after being opened for like, 2 days. All of the petals, and pollen gradually fell off until it looked like this...
This is what it should look like. I think I might have burned it in the sun or something.

Win: Shaun also got me new flowers!
Win Win: 6 of them bloomed today! YAY! Here's in hopes that I can keep these alive...

I'll have an update on the paint brushes tomorrow and hopefully another shoot up sometime next week.
It's been too long!

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