July 12, 2011

Brinner and Postcards

I was visiting some friends earlier this year and one of them asked if "brinner" was ok for dinner. I said, "what?" and he said, "breakfast for dinner" (as if I was supposed to know what that means?). Anyway, we ate some brinner last night. It was delicious. Below is not a picture from last nights dinner, but I've had it for a while and thought, why not make a post about eating brinner and use it there? Because I know that's why you guys come here... to hear about what I eat every night. 
In other news... I got 500 of these 5x7 cards in yesterday to use around town.
I'm happy with how they turned out. Now I have some location scouting to do. I have 2 shoots lined up this week!

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Katrina said...

Send me one. :)

{hi cuz}