August 5, 2011

10 Bad Habits & Guilty Pleasures

Happy Friday! Today I thought I'd share a few of the fun, bad, quirky habits I have.

1. I always sit with my feet up while I'm working. I can do this for hours.
2. I consume too. much. cereal on a daily basis.
3. My guilty pleasure movies are Pride and Prejudice, The Devil Wears Prada,
and just about any sappy romantic movie from the 50's.
4. I listen to music all day, every day. Not an exaggeration.
5. Although my job is to take pictures, I hardly take any of myself. Aren't photographers notorious for this?
6. I save up loads of laundry for a day when I can do all of it while watching one of my guilty pleasure movies on this oh-so-comfy couch.
7. Shaun and I talk online every day at work. We've been doing it for about 3 years now.
8. Coffee. 'Nuff said.
9. I collect oversized objects. Weird? I know.
My latest addition are 3 huge safety pins (courtesy of my awesome sister-in-law).
10. I have yet to get any of my own personal photos printed or hung up in my house,
but I have no problem encouraging other people to do it.
Your turn! What are some of yours? I wanna hear!


Jena said...

1. I used to sit like this too but then I got a new desk and now I can't reach the wall. sad. so now I sit with my left leg tucked under me all day and my leg never falls asleep...I have no idea how. Also, my toes are that same color right now : )
2. have you ever tried Quaker Oatmeal Squares? If it. They are crunchy goodness.
3. I have seen Pride and Prejudice like 700 times. It is my absolute favorite!
4. I reach the 40 hour limit on Pandora every month because I have it playing all day long pretty much.
5. I think I have like 5 pictures of Ryan and I together since we got married and maybe 1 of me by myself. I am hoping I do better about this when we have kids.
6. Good idea...I'm going to do this!
7. That's really cute... I just save up everything and spill it all when he gets home.
8. I really hate when people have coffee breath so I don't drink it. I'm sure your coffee breath is lovely though : )
9. Not weird...I get it. I prefer tiny things. When I go to the grocery store I always want to buy the little tiny bottles of everything because they are so cute.
10. I buy photo frames and hang them on the wall but I don't take out the photo that came in it. I had these two identical frames with a little Chinese baby in them hanging in our dining room and Ryan and I would sit and look at "the twins" while we eat.

11. I like chicken.

Laura said...

I love cereal!


floppy fish face