August 25, 2011

New Prop - 6' Ruler

I'm going to start making some of my own props. If it's an easy project I'll share DIY tips along with it (like this one). A couple weeks ago Shaun and I made a 6' ruler (inspired by this.) Instead of spending $150 buying one, we spent about $10 making one. It was super easy, and turned out very cute. I imagine it would be cute to use for back to school pictures (perhaps paired with my old lockers and over sized apple?) or even just to use for a kids growth chart.

We started with a plain 6' board we bought at home depot for about $10. We could have gotten it without knots but it would have cost a lot more and we would have had to cut it. (Plus if I really want them gone I can easily remove the spots in PS, so it wasn't a big deal for me to have them. )

Shaun started by measuring and drawing all of the lines in pencil and permanent marker.

I printed out the numbers and penciled over the back of them,
the flipped it, lined it up and drew over the top of each number. it looked like this.
Then, I took black paint and painted over all of the lines and numbers.
(This was the most time consuming part, since it involved so much detail.)
Here it is after painting in the lines and numbers...
And here's the finished product after a few coats of wood finisher on it...
and without the knots...
The End.

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Tifany said...

This is AWESOME!!!
Love it!