August 1, 2011

The Past 2 Weeks

My best friend just left after being in town for the past 2 weeks. Some of the things we did were...

Take an overnight trip to Santa Cruz with some friends. We walked on the boardwalk, ate too much junk food, went on some roller coasters, then crashed at an adorable cabin on the river.
We spent the next Sunday at the park after church playing with playdough and watching baseball.
We took a day trip to Reno for a cool vintage shop, then on to Tahoe to finish out the day.
Another day we hit up the Denios Farmer's Market. Yummm...
We traveled to Fort Bragg and camped for 4 days. We spent the days riding our bikes to the beach, kayaking, searching through tide pools, and watched the waves swell up and down in the distance. The evenings we spent watching the sunset, eating awesome camp food, sitting around campfires and eating s'mores. It was awesome.
Also did a last minute stop in Mendocino on the way out. It's a cute artist colony right on the ocean. Everything there was just beautiful.
This summer is flying by. I can't believe it's already August! Anyone do anything fun this Summer?

I have a fun shoot to share with you in the coming days. Stay tuned! :)


Tifany said...

Love all the pictures!

chrisnrac said...

great pictures but my question is.....did lucy take that starfish off a rock??? naughty, naughty, naughty!!