December 12, 2011

Studio Tour

The full tour to my little home studio is finally here! Below are some pictures with little descriptions for each.

Starting in the corner by my desk - you're looking at where the 9-foot wide, white seamless paper (hanging from the ceiling in front of the back window) would roll out. All the stuff to the right goes with the white seamless setup. As you will see, the room is very simple... but it's all done for different reasons.
There are 3 sets of windows in the room, so once the sun starts getting into the afternoon/evening, a lot of natural light can be poured in. All of the curtains are also black-out curtains so I have the option of keeping all natural light out and only using studio lighting. Since the walls are closer together in here, the walls are also all painted a light grey color. (If the walls were red for example, I run the risk of light bouncing off the walls and throwing red light into my shots.)
Circling over to the left, this was taken in the corner by the 3rd set of curtains closest to my desk:
And here's a close-up of the doorways and windows. This section is not 100% complete. The childrens door will eventually have an actual door on it and I haven't decided what I want to do with the windows here yet. The floors on the other side of the doorway are also not completed. We're going to be ripping all of that tile up and installing hardwood floors soon, so we just left that as-is for the time being. The big doorway will either be left completely open, or covered with a curtain. I don't think I want an actual door on it... at least for now.
A picture from the back corner in the room. As you can see (from the streaks on the tile), I even mopped the floor for you guys before taking these pictures. ;) The corner to the right will eventually have the purple couch I've been upholstering sitting in it. I'll post an updated picture of that for you guys to see soon too. It's going to be BEAUTIFUL when it's finished.
Close-up of my desk/work area (where I'm currently typing out this post). This area is also not 100% complete yet. I need to paint the border to that whiteboard and hang it, and also build some shelves below the desk for storage. That big empty spot above my monitor is going to be left open for now. My goal is to eventually get a tv up there to project images for future sales meetings with clients.
And that's it! This room isn't built for everyone, but it's the most perfect place for me to begin my work with studio lighting and work on any props or projects I have going on. I absolutely love it! Hope you enjoyed! I'll share some before pictures of this space soon too. We had an amazing team of people helping us.


rptate said...

A big payoff to a LOT of hard work! You put a lot of Hans Delbruk behind this one!

Tifany said...

It looks awesome! Love it!
{And can't wait to see the couch!}

Unknown said...
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Caroline said...

So happy for you, it is a great space. Love what you have done with the doors. Heard the couch will be amazing. Love the room and doors. Enjoy in good health.