December 8, 2011

White Seamless Studio - An Overview

As promised, today's post will be a fun little overview of the white background setup I've got going on over here. At some point last year, I made it a goal to have a white background setup in our home by the end of 2011. Although, I had my doubts about us going through with it... it happened, and I'm so excited to be here today (before the year 2011 is even over!) sharing it with you.

Here are a couple of unedited, pulled-back shots of the studio setup. In the first 2 photos I only had 1 sheet of white board laying on the ground, but since then (as you will see in the bottom 2 photos) I've added 2 more.
You can see on the sides of the picture below how the reflection of the board gives it a much cleaner, modern look than not having it there at all.
Here are 2 more examples with 3 boards laying down. (More of these photos of Jeevan will be up soon.)
And this one is the 2nd example with 3 boards. These were just fun pictures we took of the girls playing in a couple of the costumes we got. I know some of you are excited to see what kind of stuff was in that room, so I'll be doing more on those soon too!
Be sure to stop back by tomorrow where I'll be back to share more on the studio with the paper rolled up, uncovering all of that beautiful black and white tile.


Tifany said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! It's fun to see all this.

Ashley said...

Love it! What a great space you've created to work in! I love how bright and clean it is. Is there a window behind your backdrop?