April 2, 2012

Julie, Georgia and Charlie

A couple weeks ago a friend and I went to Louisiana and visited with these dolls for a few days. We convinced their beautiful mommy to get in on some shots too. Aren't they all adorable? The girls are (I think) about 15 months now, and are constantly on the move. :) We had so much fun!
I also have to give credit to my friend Lana, who helps me on just about every shoot I have in Texas. She gets to do all of the hard stuff, like holding a 3-foot wide reflector in the blowing wind, or launching babies at each other to get them to laugh... over... and over... and over again until her arms just about fall off. She's a gem.
P.S. Isn't it funny how easily these two could pass as her kids?


Tifany said...

Love 'em all!

Machelle Nelson said...

They're beautiful!! These beauties, of course, and your capture of them and their relationship!! Very well done!