July 5, 2012

Family Session - Lincoln, CA

I LOVED shooting this family session. All 5 of these kids (including a set of twins!) were nothing short of precious and FUN. When I asked Kaci what she wanted during our consultation, she said she wanted candid, natural expressions of her kiddos. This is something I get a lot from parents looking to get pictures done, and understandably so. It's hard work getting 1 kid in the right mood, light, and with the right expression, so just imagine having 5 to work with at once! It's a job in and of itself... but it's something I live for in each session so I enjoyed every second with these guys. :)

We shot these around sunset in a park off of Twelve Bridges here in Lincoln. I've began a slight obsession with sunset shoots lately, so don't be surprised if you start seeing more like this. :) Tomorrow I'll be sharing some of the twins by themselves. There were too many cute ones to not highlight them on their own. Enjoy!

Above: I loved Emma's laugh progression. Too cute!

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Tifany said...

Great pictures!