July 10, 2012

Recent Roundup

A little peek on what's been going on around here lately... I haven't done one of these in a while so I have more photos than normal to share. I've started using Instagram by the way. If you want to follow along, my username is alishahurt.
I flew out to Texas recently to be there for the birth of my newest nephew. I am smitten with him. :)
My best friend came into town. We got in full-on tourist mode and went on the Jelly Belly Factory Tour.
And of course went to Tahoe.
We found matching dolls!
On the left is currently our downstairs. We've got lots of construction going on right now. On the right is a random thank you card I got from Lucy. I love cards from little kids.
We recently visited a really old school where I saw the chalkboard wall on the left. I decided I wanted one in our house too, so we put one in our dinning room (right picture).
My birthday was last week too.
I got an oversized chess set, an oversized coffee bean ice cube maker, and some other fun stuff!
more random photos...
And that's all I got for now. We're headed to Fort Bragg this week for a little vacation time. Perfect timing for this 105 degree heat!

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Miss Lana said...

We should have bought those stupid dolls... I did not even realize how much they look like us until it was too late!