April 12, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Shoot

I've had the idea to do an Alice in Wonderland shoot in my head for a couple of years now, and I finally decided we were going to throw it together last weekend. We spent the better part of an entire day driving, setting up, and shooting, but it was so much fun! I loved it. We did all of the outdoor pictures in Meadow Vista, CA (at the same place I reupholstered my couch), and all of the indoor pictures here in the studio. Here's how it turned out - (and isn't their garden just perfect for this?)
This was a gigantic top hat I made that Alice was going to sit on. We spent about half an hour getting it to stand up, but by the time we went to use it it looked like this. Fail!
And, of course, I couldn't go home without getting my adorable models a treat. Weren't they perfect?
Hope you enjoyed! :)


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, Alisha.

Christina said...

What a fun shoot idea. The pictures turned out beautifully! Great job Alisha.

Kim Elmore said...

Love! You are truly an artist.

Caroline said...

Amamzing, you are so very talented...so cute to see Savannah. Perfect in the part.