December 25, 2008


and welcome to my blog. I'll be using this so you can "find my newest work, brainstorms, and behind the scenes" according to my welcome section over there on the right. (I guess I'll try to live up to that statement.) I also have a website being created by a Mr. Byron Slaybaugh that should be fully completed here in the next few weeks. You can view his website under the "Links" section on the right side of the screen. He's listed as "This Guy Made My Website". (If you have any questions or problems while trying to figure this out, just e-mail me @ and I'll try to guide you through it to the best of my ability.) Anyway, until the site is finished, you can view the coming soon screen here. You can also find me on the World Wide Web by clicking on my handy-dandy buttons on the right side of the screen under: Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Find me, request me, follow me... stalk me. I'm looking forward to sharing bits and pieces of my brain with you.

In todays news -

I'm currently working on this metal tree sitting next to me.
(It's still a work in progress so don't judge me.)


this toffee hot chocolate sitting in front of me.

I have to admit, one is much more enjoyable than the
other and if you're able to figure out which one, I'll give
you a metal leaf sitting in that green box next to the tree.

Since I haven't posted anything new in ages,
I'll leave you with a new one of a lovely little lady named Kaylie.
(Taken in my apt. - Dallas, TX)


Lana said...

Yay....I am the first one to comment= I am the coolest! haha, you just gave me permission to stalk...PERFECT!

Shaun said...

Yes! I totally call that I'm second coolest person in the universe. Wait, a poster on a blog can't be cooler than the writer of the blog, so that would bump me down a notch to third. Okay, third is fine. I can deal with bronze. It's a tough metal and it makes a good skin tone.

Anyways, which did you finish first: the metal tree or the toffee hot chocolate?

CakeJunkie said...

I take fourth!

I did have to enlarge the picture of the tree because at current viewing size it looked like the yellow thing and green thing were attached and I just didn't get it. Now I know that they are a pillow and a box...not part of the tree. I like the tree...very fun.

That looked like a tasty mug o' goodness.

mybluevan said...

Awesome blog, I'm excited to see what else you have in store!

Laura said...'re cool and I like you...and stalking you will be a pleasure. :)

Rachel said...

Wow... I'm slow. This is pretty sweet. I need you to make me some of that yummy coffee! I love the blog.