May 24, 2010

Jonathan & Marissa - Dry Paint

This shoot will rank up high in my top favorites. As a kid in the country, you knew you had a good day when you came in the house covered head to toe in dirt. This brings me back to those days. :)

The inspiration for this shoot came from a music video by Regina Spektor (Fidelity). I bought this dry paint a couple years before I actually got around to using it. I wanted to save it for a good shoot, but I had put it away for so long I forgot I had it. Then, at the same time the couple asked me to take some anniversary pictures I was packing to move out here, and I came across the bottles again. I knew they'd be the perfect couple for this idea, so after we wrapped up their other pictures we headed out under this old railroad track by their house to finish the day up.


Sara said...

these photo's are the best! i love that music video by regina and you captured the spirit perfectly!

great shoot :D

Rachel said...

that looks really fun and the photos are great!

Hi-Fi Weddings said...

OMG THIS IS SO SWEET! i'd loooooove to feature it on hi-fi weddings! especially cause it was inspired by music!! just let me know whatcha think :)