May 13, 2011

Little Miss Lucy

About a year ago I did a post on this little cutie here. (I'm pretty sure she was less than a year old when we took them, and then I just took forever posting them.) Anyway, yesterday I got to watch her for a little bit so I of course, wanted to take pictures. How could anyone resist a face like this? Seriously, I know you're all thinking this child is a doll, but her personality is just as cute as she is. I LOVE this kid!

I combined a couple of pictures from the old post because they looked similar to some we took yesterday. She's getting so big!

Below: She spotted an airplane.
Below: She was waiting for me to give her an M&M.


MommaM said...

SOOOO cute!! Great job capturing her many faces! They are so adorable, I can't stop looking at them!

Tifany said...

These are ALL awesome!
I've said it before and I'll say it again now:
"You are an AWESOME photographer!"