January 26, 2012

Studio Before and After

I love seeing before and afters, and I know I can't be the only one, so today I'm going to share with you my studios before, during and after pictures. I'm almost embarassed to share these first two pictures... I'll explain below.
These 2 were taken a few months after Shaun and I got married. We were in between buying new furniture and selling all of the furniture he already had in the house. This was in our couch collection stage. At one point we had 12 couches in our house.
All cleared out! A lot of painting was already done by this point too.
Sketching ideas for the doorway.
Seeing what it will look like closed in.
Carpet gone.
Doorway cut out and built.
more painting...
All the walls were textured and the painting was finished by this point. Now onto laying tile...
The next day... more tiling.
Before the grout was put in. It took me 2 days just to clean all of the black grout off the floors after they were finished and filled. My back hurts just looking at this picture.
Curtains and seamless hookup were installed and it's all done! If you want to see the studio's after pictures, check out the post I did here.

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SMiTH.FAMiLY said...

love your studio... very beetlejuice-y design! lol