January 4, 2012

Texas Trip 2011 - The Stay There

A couple of days ago I shared some pictures on the roadtrip to Texas so today I'll be sharing a few of the stay there. The whole week consisted of antique shopping and visiting with family. A perfect combination if you ask me. :)
These were taken in a little old downtown we went shopping in. There were just a few trees left with color on them and I managed to find one that I snapped a picture of.  
A foggy morning on our way to First Monday. The town I'm from has the largest flea market in the WORLD. We spent 2 days walking around and still didn't cover everything there. (This is the reason why we drove if you were wondering why we didn't just fly in.)
Little pigs, a llama and cow all in the same barn. So cute.
One thing I was on the lookout for while we were there was a scale to use on a newborn shoot, and lo and behold... I found an actual vintage newborn scale. I had no idea these even existed...
Shaun and I picked up a really cool old tripod at a garage sale out here a while back and he's been on the search for a light to mount on it since then. While we were there, we scored this beauty and also found some big 3d letters with our initials to hang in the house.
We found a sweet deal on a little chandelier for our bathroom that I'm super stoked to hang up and my mom also just happened to have an old dress form I've been on the search for that she gave me.
And after a few days of shopping, we had a fun day hanging out with tons of family.
which always goes by too fast...

Stay tuned for the trip home tomorrow!


Tifany said...

Thanks for sharing (again!).
I want to road trip with you sometime to First Monday...looks like a ton of fun!

cmc | photography said...

I have that exact same baby scale! LOL