February 22, 2012

Life Lately...

A collection of odds and ends through my phone from the past couple of weeks:

Donuts Donuts Donuts. My job has revolved around donuts for the past few weeks.
Everything from making donuts to kids eating donuts to printing pictures of kids eating donuts. I love it.
I have also eaten more donuts in the past 2 weeks than I want to admit...
Major bonus points for living in California - the produce.
We have developed a slight obsession with the mandarin season in this house.
Shaun has been getting into wood working lately, which is great for what I like to do.
We built these the night before we did the Valentine's shoot.
Speaking of... Valentine's day this year was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Started my day off with some Peet's.
And was woken up to cookies... (modified by Shaun)
and roses.
I also went to see Beauty in the Beast in 3D, with
- none other than -
Beauty herself.
(I had no idea she was that cute in person.)
Then we finished the night with sushi take-out,
heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies (because I'm cheesy like that)
and a movie.
Recently I've been working on some pictures for an art studio that I will be sharing soon.
And I'm still working on that couch!
Got this little guy a couple weeks ago. It's called a "Sad Face" fire truck. We love him.
Also working on more house stuff. Finally painted my oval frame collection to put in my bathroom.
Shaun also built me some shelves in our room.
He put this one at head level so he wouldn't wack his face turning the corner.
he wasn't wearing shoes when he measured...
Harper got new toys. She becomes obsessed and protective over new toys.
I'll be sharing more of this later, but I wanted to share a peak at the costume closet too.
And finally - Shaun and I had our 2-year anniversary on Sunday!
I was meaning to take a picture of us together on our anniversary but forgot...
I did, however, manage to take one of my new disco ball Shaun gave me on our anniversary.

Speaking off... we're off to celebrate with a mini-vacation.
I'm bringing my camera and am determined to use it...
We'll see how that goes.

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