February 17, 2012

The Pink Box Donut Shop - Making Donuts

Today we're back to donuts!

I must warn you...
If you had no desire to eat a donut before right now...
That may change.

The donut making process was a really fun and interesting to watch.
I started by documenting the cake donuts getting iced and sprinkled.
I love bright colors!
So fun!
Then we moved on to making more donuts...
Patrick made a little bit of everything...
from bars...
to regular donuts...
donut holes...
cinimmon rolls...
apple fritters... (and more!)
letting the dough rise until just right
just before getting fried to golden brown
soaking in the maple... mmmmm......
My favorite part was watching them glaze the donuts.
the freshest donuts I have ever seen
Fresh donut holes... my favorite.
We also took some after shots of the donuts... A few of them were:
A peanut butter and jelly donut!!
Fresh apple fritter
strawberry icing and sprinkles
A bacon maple bar (Whaa!?!)
cinnimon roll
cake donut with icing, chocolate syrup, nuts and mini chocolate chips
twist with sugar on top
classic donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles
and a classic bear claw with glaze... yummmm....

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